The Mystery Man

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‘The Mystery Man’ is a historical, archaeological and artistic journey about Jesus of Nazareth. Throughout history, numerous experts have studied from a medical and scientific point of view the Holy Shroud or the Holy Shroud that wrapped the body of Jesus, but such a detailed study has never been done using the latest technologies. Whether or not you have visited “The Mystery Man” exhibition this book will not leave you indifferent. Recreated with high-quality original images and illustrations, it tells how it has been possible to obtain a hyper-realistic and volumetric representation of the face and body of Jesus and explains in detail the causes of the signs and wounds that his body shows.

29,95  IVA incluido

Editorial: ArtiSplendore S.L.
Nº depósito legal: GR 1576-2023
Nº de páginas: 200
I.S.B.N. 978-84-949491-6-6

Editorial direction: Antonio Francisco Moya Ramos - ArtiSplendore
Curator and artist of the exhibition: Álvaro Blanco
Author of the text: F. Antonio G. Navarrete - ArtiSplendore
Text revision: José Ángel Rivera de las Heras
Content Manager: Antonio Miguel Ortiz Hernández - ArtiSplendore
Responsible for design and corporate identity: Mateo Hurtado Fernández - ArtiSplendore
Illustrations: Juan Javier Martínez Delgado - ArtiSplendore
Photography: Cátia Ferreira - ArtiSplendore
Printing: Gráficas Andalusí
©ArtiSplendore S.L.
Reproduction, public communication, distribution and/or transformation of this work is prohibited without the express authorization of the copyright holders. The infringement of the aforementioned rights may constitute a crime against intellectual property.


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  1. Spanish

    Gusatvo Falcon

    Un viaje en el tiempo que nos transporta a través de los misterios que rodean la Sábana Santa de Turín. Las ilustraciones e imágenes son impresionantes, un lienzo vivo, destacar la meticulosa atención al detalle en las representaciones visuales y las explicaciones científicas que transmiten autenticidad y credibilidad en las hipótesis planteadas.

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